person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand


At AmoModa, excellence is not just a goal; it's a standard embodied by our extraordinary team. We take pride in cultivating a synergy of exceptional individuals, each contributing their unique strengths to create a powerhouse of talent that spans diverse fields.

Together, we not only meet but exceed expectations, forging a collective force that will propel AmoModa to new heights in innovation, creativity, and success.

Welcome to the team at AmoModa, where innovation meets experience, and success is the shared destination.

Jacey Zhang

A trailblazing entrepreneur whose dynamic journey has seamlessly woven together the realms of IT, international business, cutting-edge high-tech project management, eCommerce, and import/export logistics. With a visionary spirit, she has not only navigated senior roles with industry giants in China but has also left an indelible mark as a Senior Project Manager for a prominent US company and as a Sales Director for a leading Chinese-listed enterprise.

Jacey's diverse expertise and strategic prowess make her a driving force in the global business landscape, crafting success stories at the intersection of innovation and international commerce. Welcome to the narrative of a leader who thrives on turning challenges into triumphs and shaping the future of business with unparalleled vision and tenacity.


Meet Danny, an experienced leader and former General Director and Country Head for CBA in Vietnam for 5 years, followed by another impactful 5-year stint running NAB in China. With an extensive network spanning Australia and Asia, Danny brings a wealth of experience to the board. Currently serving as a Director at SW Accountants & Advisors, he is renowned for his profound expertise in guiding businesses through the intricacies of China market entry strategy and execution.

Danny’s mastery extends to cross-border investment, international trade, and optimizing payment mechanism protections. In the boardroom, Danny is not just an advisory; he is a strategic force, leveraging his unparalleled insights to drive success and elevate the collective vision of our esteemed team.

Danny Armstrong

Finance & Business Advisor

Introducing Jeremy, not just a business advisor, but a luminary in the world of Australian and Chinese business. Renowned as one of Australia's foremost wine critics, Jeremy's impact extends far beyond traditional boundaries. A prolific author with 30 published books, he has not only written six influential works specifically for the Chinese market but also pioneered the realm of online wine infotainment in China.

Since 1996, Jeremy has been at the helm of his own online wine platform, shaping the digital landscape of the industry. His prowess in guiding Australian businesses into the intricacies of the Chinese market is unmatched. A former Board Member of the Melbourne Wine and Food Festival, Jeremy's multifaceted expertise promises an invaluable asset to AmoModa's ambitious venture into the Chinese market. His extensive network in both Australia and China serves as a bridge for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Jeremy Oliver

Business Advisor

Introducing Helen, our China Operations Manager, whose expertise in international business has been honed through seven impactful years at Alibaba, the epitome of e-commerce in China. Helen's tenure at the forefront of this industry giant equips AmoModa with more than a solid foundation; it instils a strategic edge in navigating the intricacies of the Chinese market.

As the orchestrator of our operations in China, Helen brings a wealth of experience and insight to propel AmoModa's success in the dynamic landscape of Chinese e-commerce. Welcome to a new era of operational excellence, guided by Helen's unmatched proficiency and strategic prowess.

Helen Huang

AmoModa China Operations


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